HPR Leadership Team


Our hearts at HOPE Prayer Room is to raise up a generation of worshippers and intercessors who pursue the Lord with their whole being and equip a people to serve the Lord in the midst of disaster response. We desire to mobilize a Prayer Room in two ways.

The first response is through the HOPE Prayer Room itself by fasting and praying through worship against storms and into the storms before they happen and throughout the duration of the recovery process for survivors. We function as a catalytic center for equipping a church to pray for people affected and impacted by disasters to see Jesus and encounter hope from God in the midst of their loss and pain. We also pray for the greater Austin area to be the refuge for the survivors who need the comfort of the Lord.

The second response mobilizing to actual cities and regions impacted by disaster to release the power of prayer and worship as the weapon of praise to lift up and strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ who need strengthening. We as sons and daughters of the Lord are called to spiritually encourage those in need and support them.