1122 East 51st Street Austin, Texas 78723

(512) 792-4673


How can you get involved?

HOPE Prayer Room is solely staffed by volunteers and missionaries who give of their time, energy, and resources. We are grateful for every volunteer who serves in the HPR ministry. There are many opportunities to join our worship and prayer teams, Core Team, media team, logistics team and more. We are all a part of the family of God, bringing our talents and gifts to the Lord. Come love on Him with us!

Volunteer Opportunities

We have many events, trainings, live worship sets, and other avenues of service to allow each volunteer to walk in the gifting and calling God has given them. Join us as a volunteer in creating an atmosphere of 24/7 worship and prayer unto the Lord.

Worship and Prayer Teams

HOPE Prayer Room believes worship and prayer go hand in hand. Our primary initiative is to establish intercessory worship that mirrors what is described in Revelation 4-5. We invite musicians, singers, intercessors and sound technicians to make this a reality.

Core Team Membership

HOPE Prayer Room has a volunteer leadership team that oversees multiple departments. The Core Team is responsible for operations and logistics of Prayer Room initiatives, as well as, discipleship and training for worshipers and intercessors.

Church Involvement

We strongly encourage worship teams and intercessors from churches around the city to join us in fulfilling the ultimate goal of 24/7 worship and prayer.  We invite your church to sign-up for a 2 hr. time slot to lift up the name of Jesus over our city as one!

Missionary Development

We believe that worship and prayer fuel the justice and missions, and vice versa! HOPE Prayer Room is a great place for missionaries to grow in intimacy with the Lord and be trained and equipped for the mission field.  Stay posted for exciting opportunities to come!

Coming Soon, Late 2020