Jonathan Maas, Missionary
Prayer Room Director

These past few months I have transitioned from children’s pastor at Travis Christian Assembly to be director for the HOPE Prayer Room in Austin, Tx. I have started a teaching series at HOPE Prayer Room on the “Sermon on the Mount” from Matthew 5-7. Our hearts at HOPE Prayer Room is to raise up a generation of worshippers and intercessors who pursue the Lord with their whole being and equip a people to serve the Lord in the midst of disaster response. We desire to mobilize a Prayer Room in two ways.

First response is through the HOPE Prayer Room itself by fasting and praying through worship against storms and into the storms before they happen and throughout the duration of the recovery process for survivors. We function as a catalytic center for equipping a church to pray for people effected and impacted by disasters to see Jesus and encounter hope from God in the midst of their loss and pain. We also pray for greater Austin area to be the refuge for the survivors who need the comfort of the Lord.

Second response is mobilizing to actual cities and regions impacted by disaster to release the power of prayer and worship as the weapon of praise to lift up and strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ who need strengthening. We as sons and daughters of the Lord are called to spiritually encourage those in need and support them.

The Lord has spoken strongly that this year is the year to equip and train a generation to steward the work of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. Many of us have experienced the move of the Lord at some measure but few have maintained it. God wants a people who discern and steward what the Lord has given them and walk in His counsel and leadership rather than our own sufficiency. Through this calling of the Lord I have transitioned from being full time pastoral leadership with pay at a church and been released to do missions work within the city of Austin and other cities the Lord may call me to go. However, wherever the Lord puts my feet that will be my mission field even if it’s the grocery store down the road or the church in another state, He orchestrates and we simply follow.

I am asking you to partner with me in two specific ways and each of them I ask that you prayerfully as the Lord to show you what you are supposed to do in this partnership.

First opportunity is Prayer, because of what the Lord has positioned on my heart to raise up and equip the body of Christ for His return I am in deep need of prayer from the family of God. I seek much counsel from leaders in the city and outside of the city to keep me focused on the path the Lord wants this Prayer Room to be launched forward.

Second opportunity is Support, I am raising support financially so that my time can be used in prayer and teaching. It is a full-time job to build and raise up a House of Prayer, the hours I spend a week in just helping the Prayer Room launch is about 60 hours a week. Much of this is due to meeting leaders and pastors in the city, plus praying and teaching in the prayer room as well as helping the Prayer Room reach 24/7 non-stop worship and prayer around the clock. This is a full-time vocation and leaves no time to have a job on the side. This is a huge step of faith for me but the Lord has spoken clearly to do this and I ask that you partner with what God is doing in this city because what you sow will reap. If you feel like God has blessed you and given you the call to support His kingdom, this is another opportunity. If you are interested you may click the link below or contact me. Thank you for considering this opportunity to sow into the kingdom of God and see His power released throughout Texas and the nations of the world.